Susan J. Clearman's music is published by Savory Press. Performance rights administered by ASCAP (American Society of Composers Authors and Publishers). Printed music distributed by Lux Nova Press.

Index by Instrumentation

Music for Solo Organ

Springs in the Desert
  • solo organ
  • Savory Press
  • SAV-010
  • Composed: 1995
  • Duration: 8' 30"

Composer's comments: A set of variations for solo organ based on two tunes: the Gregorian chant Veni Creator Spiritus and the Hebrew Maoz Tsur (familiar as a setting of David Ben Judah's hymn, "Rock of Ages, Let Our Song..."). The work reflects Celtic, Eastern European Klezmer, Contemporary and Classical influences. It was commissioned by St. Anne Church, Rochester, New York for the the dedication service of their new, tonally colorful Konzelman pipe organ (3 manuals, 20 ranks). Organist Brink Bush of St. Anne premiered Springs in the Desert at that service in September of 1995. The work was enthusiastically received by laypeople, clergy and trained musicians alike. Dr. Robert Freeman, then director of the Eastman School of Music in Rochester, turned to the composer and exclaimed "Bravo!" immediately after the conclusion of the performance.
Temple Slip Jig and Reel
  • organ and bodhran (Irish drum)
  • Savory Press
  • SAV-012
  • Composed: 2000
  • Duration: 4' 00"

Composer's comments: A festive Celtic postlude based on Personent Hodie and St. Patrick's Breastplate. Premiered at the celebration of the Rev. Canon Gray and Jean Temple's 25 merry, courageous and generous years with St. Patrick's Episcopal Church, Dunwoody, Georgia.

Music for Solo Piano

Cornycopia Rag
  • solo piano
  • unpublished
  • No. 1 of Outsprings of Abundant Life Suite
  • Composed: 1974
  • Duration: 2' 00"
  • solo piano
  • unpublished
  • No. 2 of Outsprings of Abundant Life Suite
  • Composed: 1974
  • Duration: 2' 35"
Outsprings of Abundant Life (Suite)
  • solo piano
  • unpublished
  • Composed: 1974
  • duration: 5' 55"
  1. Cornycopia Rag
  2. Nostalgía
  3. Polka-in-the-Ribs
Composer's comments: Three reflections on abundant life.
Pepperoni Rag
  • solo piano
  • unpublished
  • Composed: 1979
  • duration: 1' 30"

Composer's comments: Jaunty, mischievous and fun-loving, The Pepperoni Rag was written to be theme music for a children's TV series set in a pizza parlor.
  • solo piano
  • unpublished
  • No. 3 of Outsprings of Abundant Life Suite
  • Composed: 1974
  • Duration: 1' 20"
The New Creation
  • solo piano
  • unpublished
  • Composed: 1976
  • Duration: 3' 20"

Music for Chorus with Accompaniment

Alleluia! Christ Our Passover
  • unison chorus and piano (or organ)
  • unpublished
  • Composed: 1994
  • Duration: 0' 25"
Composer's comments: This is a liturgical response for a eucharistic service.
Come Your Kingdom
  • mixed chorus, piano and bass guitar
  • unpublished
  • Composed: 1998
  • Duration: 1' 00"
  • Composer's comments: Used in preparation for prayer.
Drop Thy Still Dews of Quietness
  • unison chorus and piano
  • Savory Press
  • SAV-011
  • Composed: 1999
  • Duration: 2" 30"

Composer's comments: Set to a text by John Greenleaf Whittier, Drop Thy Still Dews of Quietness was composed to help the congregation disengage from the frenetic urban pace, calm down, and focus in preparation for worship.
He Is Gentle and Lowly of Heart
  • mixed chorus and organ
  • unpublished
  • Composed: 1976
  • Duration: 4' 15"
Composer's comments: Text is taken from Isiah's "suffering servant" passage, the Gospel of Matthew, and Philippians, juxtaposing the humility and Lordship of Jesus. Chromaticism, counterpoint.
Tender Compassion
  • mixed chorus, alto (or tenor) saxophone or flute, and harp (or piano)
  • unpublished
  • Composed: 1999
  • Duration: 1' 55"
Text: "In the tender compassion of our God, the Dawn from on high shall break upon us." [Luke 1:78] Composer's comments: For use in Advent, Christmas and Epiphany services.
The Lord's Prayer
  • mixed chorus, flute, acoustic guitar, organ, and bass guitar
  • unpublished
  • Composed: 1994
  • Duration: 2' 15"
Composer's comments: This setting mixes classical and contemporary influences.

Chamber Music

  • flute, clarinet, violin, violoncello
  • unpublished
  • Composed: 2005
  • Duration: 13' 54"

  1. The Familiar
  2. Bereft and Desolate
  3. Attempting to Start Over
  4. Recovering Playfulness
  5. Freilach Nouveau
Composer's comments: A journey from catastrophic loss of everything familiar to recovery and a new way. The five sections are based on Klezmer dance forms [Freilach, Doina, Hora, Choisdl,and another Freilach]. Themes are presented in traditional styles first, and then morph into something new: is it Jazz? something Caribbean? a touch of Funk, perhaps?
Break Forth
  • brass quintet
  • unpublished
  • Composed: 2007
  • Duration: 9' 17"
Composer's comments: In quest of "shimmer" with brass instruments!
Breathing Space
  • soprano, horn and piano
  • unpublished
  • Composed: 2006
  • Duration: 5' 16"

Text: "From my confinement I called to God; God's wide open space was Her reply." [Adapted from a Jewish prayer]

Performers: Micaelle Trainor, soprano; Ken Pope, horn; David McGrory, piano
O Jerusalem, Jerusalem!
  • violin and piano
  • unpublished
  • Composed: 1976
  • Duration: 5' 00"
Composer's comments: The violin begins alone, wistfully, with the piano joining in canon. The theme, built on an octatonic modal scale, develops within thickening textures, building intensity to a climax of triumph and vitality. The denouement sees the solo violin return, ending the work with an echo of the sense of longing with which it began.
Spirited Away by the Four Winds
  • flute, clarinet, french horn, and bassoon.
  • unpublished
  • Composed: 1976
  • Duration: 9' 33"
Composer's comments: In Hebrew scripture, there is one word respresenting spirit, wind and breath. This work is an expression of four aspects of God, in the context of that word in selected Biblical passages. All are interwoven in the introduction, then individually expounded upon, in sections featuring a particular instrument, designated "Majesty and Power" (bassoon), "Joy and Life" (flute), "Peace and Comfort" (french horn), and "Freedom" (clarinet).